TRI’s Transportation Testing and Research Division provides a diverse range of high-quality services to public agencies and private entities. Key services include accelerated pavement testing, rut profiling, cyclic plate loading, 

Full-scale Accelerated Pavement Testing

  • TRI’s accelerated pavement tester (APT) applies rolling wheel loads up to 30 kips
  • Controlled test sections can be constructed in TRI’s indoor APT laboratory with a concrete-lined trench 4 ft. deep by 11 ft. wide by 36 ft. long
  • Dual-wheel assembly applies loads with tires rated for high load carrying capacity (e.g., truck traffic)
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Cyclic Plate Load Testing

  • TRI’s cyclic plate load (CPL) testing device accommodates individual test sections that are 7.5 ft. sq.
  • Height is adjustable to accommodate a variety of configurations up to 6 ft.
  • A servo-hydraulic actuator applies the load and is programmable for various load levels and wave patterns to serve paved and unpaved roadways, geosynthetic-reinforced pavements, railways, and more
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Rut Profiling

  • Portable rut profiler capable of measuring the profile of a road surface for the purpose of calculating rut
  • Characterization of the surface profile
  • Active computer user interface integrated into the hardware
  • The length of the measurement depends on the length of the linear rail  – additional rails can be purchased to accommodate longer spans
  • Rugged laptop to interface with hardware and interpret results
  • Durable boxes to store and transport the system
  • Customizable
  • Manual positioning of device by manually rolling into place
  • Easily assembled, deployed and transported
  • Long-lasting Ni+ batteries
  • Measurement made using laser accurate to +/- 1 mm
  • Detailed profile takes approximately 15 seconds
  • Output stored in electronic files for future analysis if desired

Eli Cuelho

Eli Cuelho, P.E., Senior Engineer & Director of TRI’s Transportation Testing and Research Services | +1 406 600 3947 Eli Cuelho, P.E. is a Senior Engineer at TRI and currently serves as the Director of TRI’s Transportation Testing and Research Division. He holds a Master’s degree from Montana State University in geotechnical engineering (1998). Eli has over twenty years in geosynthetic application research as well as other transportation research areas such as, pavement design and analysis, remote sensing and instrumentation, bridge deck performance, and specification development. In his relatively short time with TRI he has already shown industry leadership and innovation in his testing and research efforts. He is well-published and active on numerous federal, state and industry research projects. Eli is active at ASTM through the D35 Committee where he is helping develop standards for a variety of geosynthetic applications, and he is working closely with TRI-Southeast’s large-scale testing laboratories to assist clients with full-scale geosynthetic system performance testing.