Plastic Pipe Testing: Tests & Capabilities

TRI is an independent third party laboratory providing testing and forensic services to industry, contractors, owners, and government agencies. TRI serves as a laboratory for the Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI) and AASHTO National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) testing regimens. TRI provides an ever expanding number of laboratory tests on polymers, pipe, pipe liner repair materials, gaskets, and component resins.

TRI performs standard test as required by ASTM, AASHTO, PTI/ASBI, CSA, API, and FM Approvals. In addition, TRI conducts hydrostatic testing as required by the Hydrostatic Stress Board (HSB) for listing of resins, additives, and components that meet the long term test requirements for pressure pipe applications.

ASTM D 2412 Pipe Stiffness, Deflection, and Flattening
ASTM D 2444 Pipe Impact Resistance
ASTM D 3212 Joint Integrity
ASTM D 4218 Carbon Black Percentage
ASTM D 2122 Measurements; Dimensions/Workmanship
ASTM F 2136 NCLS Stress Crack Growth Resistance
ASTM F 1473 PENT Stress Crack Growth Resistance
ASTM D 1603 ESCR Stress Crack Growth Resistance
ASTM D 2990 Creep
ASTM D 6992 Stepped Isothermal Method (SIM)
ASTM D 3350/AASHTO M294 Cell Classification of PE Resins
ASTM D 4101/AASHTO M330 Cell Classification of PP Resins
ASTM D 3895 Oxidation Induction Time (OIT)
ASTM D 5885 High-Pressure OIT
ASTM D 256 IZOD Impact Resistance
ASTM D 648 Heat Deflection Temperature
ASTM D 6953 Chemical Stabilizers
ASTM D 2290 Apparent Hoop Tensile Strength
AASHTO T341 Stub Compression Test
ASTM D 1598 Substained Burst Testing
ASTM D 1599 Quick Burst Testing
PPI TR-3 Hydrostatic Design Basis
API 15S Spoolable Reinforced Plastic Line Pipe
API 15LE Polyethylene Line Pipe
CSA B 181 Thermoplastic Nonpressure Piping
FM 1613 Polyethylene Pipe for Underground Fire Protection
PTI/ASBI M50.3 Grouted Post-Tensioning
AASHTO M 252/M294 Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe
AASHTO M 304 Corrugated PVC Pipe
AASHTO M 330 Corrugated PP Pipe