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TRI Staff are incredibly involved in relevant societies, testing bodies and associations – each, sought-after for their depth of knowledge. Focused on customer service our staff are always available to answer questions and support client projects. TRI clients can always expect professional, timely execution of services and results reporting.

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Sam R. Allen – Technical Sales

Technical Sales: Auditing-Sampling, Conformance, Forensics

Sam Allen

Sam R. Allen, Vice President & Division Manager | +1 512 615 4415

Sam Allen is an experienced professional with a background in chemical and materials engineering, with specialization in the field of polymer testing and geosynthetics. He began his career in the geotechnical and construction materials testing field and has broadened the scope of his involvement in environmental engineering to include geosynthetics technology with specialization in laboratory testing operations. Presently Mr. Allen serves as Division Manager for TRI’s geosynthetics program, which includes routine conformance testing services and chemical compatibility testing as well as sponsored R&D supported by government and industry. He is a member of the ASTM International’s D35 Committee on Geosynthetic Materials. Over the last two decades Mr. Allen held committee leadership positions including D-35 Chair, Vice-Chair. Mr. Allen has also served the Convener of Working Group 5 on geosynthetic durability within ISO TC221. He currently serves on the Technical Advisory Board of Geosynthetics Magazine, a geosynthetics industry technical trade publication. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Geosynthetics Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a member of the International Geosynthetics Society’s Council. Mr. Allen leads the international team of TRI-Environmental whose offices span the globe.

Suzette Caldeira – Sales

Sales: Auditing-Sampling, Conformance, Drainage & Filtration, Seam Testing
Suzette Caldeira

Suzette Caldeira, Business Development | +1 512 263 2558 Ext 144

Suzette Caldeira has been a Business Development team member of TRI Environmental, Inc. for the last 5 years, working exclusively in support of client relations, specification review, budget planning and technical response. She serves the community of geosynthetics using her many years of owning and managing her own service company. This experience has given her the skills and knowledge to help navigate between project conception to successful completion.

Eli Cuelho, P.E. – Technical Sales

Technical Sales: Reinforcement
Eli Cuelho

Eli Cuelho, Senior Engineer & Director of TRI’s Transportation Testing and Research Services | +1 406 600 3947

Eli Cuelho, P.E. is a Senior Engineer at TRI and currently serves as the Director of TRI’s Transportation Testing and Research Division. He holds a Master’s degree from Montana State University in geotechnical engineering (1998). Eli has over twenty years in geosynthetic application research as well as other transportation research areas such as, pavement design and analysis, remote sensing and instrumentation, bridge deck performance, and specification development. In his relatively short time with TRI he has already shown industry leadership and innovation in his testing and research efforts. He is well-published and active on numerous federal, state and industry research projects. Eli is active at ASTM through the D35 Committee where he is helping develop standards for a variety of geosynthetic applications, and he is working closely with TRI-Southeast’s large-scale testing laboratories to assist clients with full-scale geosynthetic system performance testing.

Jacqueline Dettman – Sales

Sales: Auditing-Sampling, Conformance, Drainage & Filtration, Seam Testing
Jacqueline Dettman

Jacque Dettman, Business Development Manager | +1 512 263 2101

Jacqueline Dettman is the Business Development Manager of TRI/Environmental, Inc. (TRI) Geosynthetics Services, where she serves as the technical and business “front” of construction related materials verification projects. In this role, Ms. Dettman assists clients in specification reviews, budget planning and technical response.

Ms. Dettman has worked in the geoenvironmental industry for over 25 years, originally for Poly America (Poly-Flex Division) as the Western Division Sales Manager where she worked in concert with Owners, Engineers, Contractors and Installers. She later joined Golder Associates in various management and business development roles, and then on to Jacobs Engineers in operations and project management. These experiences significantly benefit TRI clients as she is accomplished in both the best, and the most challenging, industry technical traditions and project communication customs, assisting clients through detail oriented plans. Jacque also lends her considerable expertise to TRI’s well recognized education and short course offerings, helping clients stay up-to-date with regard to still evolving geosynthetics technologies.

Jeffrey A. Kuhn, PH.D., P.E. – Technical Sales

Technical Sales: Soil Interaction

Jeff Kuhn

Jeffrey A. Kuhn, PH.D., P.E., Division Director | +1 512 263 2101 Ext 219

Jeffrey A. Kuhn serves as TRI Environmental’s division director for the interaction and geotechnical laboratory. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from The University of Maryland (2003) and a doctorate from The University of Texas at Austin (2010). While at the University of Texas, Jeff principally worked on alternative / evapotranspirative cover design and evaluation for the EPA, performed research with expansive clays for TxDOT, and participated in the design and implementation of a centrifuge permeameter to study flow through unsaturated soils. Following his degree, Dr. Kuhn consulted for two years, during which time he worked on the design and installation of the Circuit of the Americas F1 Race Track over expansive clays with tight differential movement criteria. Dr. Kuhn has led TRI’s geotechnical laboratory since 2012 and overseen the interaction and geotechnical laboratory division since early 2016.

Richard Lacey, P.E. – Technical Sales

Technical Sales: Drainage & Filtration
Richard Lacey

Richard S. Lacey, P.E., Senior Engineer | +1 512 263 2101 Ext 133

Rich Lacey is a Senior Engineer for TRI Environmental providing the technical leadership for the equipment calibration program as well as equipment fabrication and sales. Mr. Lacey has over 28 years of geosynthetic testing related experience including heavy involvement in ASTM Committee D35 on Geosynthetics. He is currently the task group leader for the Transmissivity, Radial Transmissivity, Pore Size Distribution, CBR Puncture, Geocomposite Peel and Textured Geomembrane Asperity Height task groups. His theory of the Characteristic Flow Equation describing the head loss versus flow rate response of any laboratory permeability-type test has already been incorporated in ASTM D 4491 Permittivity and will soon revolutionize transmissivity testing as we now know it.

Jarrett Nelson – Technical Sales

Technical Sales: Design, Durability, Reinforcement
Jarrett Nelson

Jarrett A Nelson, Geosynthetic Special Projects Manager | +1 512 263 2101 Ext 188

Jarrett Nelson serves as a Technical Director for TRI Environmental. Mr. Nelson manages many testing programs including: Conventional Creep/Stress Rupture, Stepped Isothermal (SIM), Installation Damage, Asphalt and Base Reinforcement and Chemical Durability. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin and more than 20 years of experience with geosynthetics materials, their unique qualities, and the laboratory and quality procedures necessary to assure their appropriate testing and evaluation. He is a member of ASTM and is involved in the development and implementation of new test procedures.

Cora Queja, BS.ChE, MBA – Technical Sales

Technical Sales: Conformance, Seam Testing
Cora Queja

Cora Queja, BS.ChE, MBA TRI California Director, TRI China General Manager | +1 714 264 0352

Cora Queja serves as Director of TRI California and General Manager of TRI China located in Suzhou. She is certified in Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation by the University of California, Irvine, USA and holds a Master’s in Business Administration with major in Marketing at Ateneo University in the Philippines. Ms. Queja also holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Santo Thomas in the Philippines. Ms. Queja has been involved with geosynthetics for more than 28 years and was the general manager of Precision Geosynthetic Laboratories International (PGLI) when it was acquired by TRI. In PGLI, Ms. Queja established and managed several PGLI satellite laboratories, including the laboratory that today is TRI-China in Suzhou. Ms. Queja has decades of experience with environmental testing regarding air, water and soil and can provide top service to our clients with her knowledge in reviewing project specifications to determine appropriateness of testing procedures and finding solutions for their projects. Ms. Queja has managed more than 100 EPA Method 9090 exposure test projects. She coordinated and worked to put together PGLI’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control program; TRI-California ISO 17025 accreditations; PGLI’s ISO 9001-2000, GAI-LAP and EPA-LAP (Permissible Exposure Limit – PEL – Environmental laboratory) accreditations; PGLI-China’s CMA (China Metrology Accreditation) certification. Ms. Queja is an active member in several technical committees including ASTM D18 (soil) and D35 (Geosynthetics), she has co-authored several technical papers presented at the Society if Mining Engineering conferences and at the Chinese Chapter of the International Society of Geosynthetics (CCIGS) conferences.

Patricia Zabaleta – Sales

Sales: Conformance
Patricia Zabaleta

Patricia Zabaleta, Senior Project Manager | +1 512 263 2101 Ext 140

Patricia Zabaleta is a Senior Project Manager in our Geosynthetic Conformance Laboratory assisting clients with their laboratory specification requirements and associated CQA plans in a timely fashion. Patricia has more than 15 years of experience working for geosynthetic manufacturing industry and installation and specification review. She begun her career in the geosynthetic manufacturing and installation businesses working for GSE Lining Technologies performing field installation quality control and giving customer support. Patricia has later worked for American Environmental Group assisting in geosynthetic-installation project management, cost estimation and field crew support. This experience equips her to work with clients who are responding to the various state and federal materials testing requirements.