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Geotechnical Testing: Forms & Documents

The following forms & documents are available to download.


Please ship samples for geotechnical testing to the attention of “Soil-Interaction” with contact information as presented on the first page of this document. Please appropriately package samples for shipping, labeling each individual sample / group of samples with their sample IDs as submitted on the COC. Please ensure that a copy of the COC is shipped with each sample. The COC copy should be packaged in such a manner as to protect it from moisture damage. If a completed and signed COC / test request form is not received, a project manager will be engaged at an hourly rate to gather this information from the client in order to initiate testing. Please be sure to include the client name, the project name as it will be used for reporting, and the parties that are to be reported to. If the billable party is different from the reporting party, please be sure to include this information as well.

TRI places a high value on safe work conditions for its employees and visitors. Clients are expected to disclose any and all analytical data, material safety data sheets (MSDS/SDS/PSDS), or other materials relevant to the safe handling of materials submitted to the laboratory. Packaging of these materials should indicate that they contain such potentially harmful materials to protect our receiving staff. TRI will perform a hazard analysis to determine the appropriate personal protective equipment. All work on contaminated materials requires discussions with the engineering staff and project-specific quoting.

This fee schedule is based on TRI’s terrestrial standard operating procedures. TRI participates in specialized testing for the offshore, renewable, nuclear, and other industries that requires special handling, testing, and reporting. These projects should be discussed with TRI’s engineering staff prior to engaging. TRI has in house electrical engineering, equipment development, machine shop, NIST traceable calibration equipment, that allow us to cater to these industries.

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