Electrical Leak Location Services: Forms & Documents

TRI Environmental is a world-wide educational and service platform for electrical leak location surveys. TRI performs electrical leak location surveys, provides leak location survey equipment, refers leak location companies world-wide, and provides technician training and certification.

The documents in the links below are resources for a general guide for Electrical Leak Location (ELL) surveys and drop-in specifications for several survey methods for covered and exposed geomembranes. The general guide for ELL surveys is intended for use by design engineers, regulatory agencies, construction quality assurance agencies, and any individuals seeking a basic knowledge of electrical leak location surveys. It is not a comprehensive guide for the performance of leak location surveys. It describes the most commonly used leak location methods.

The drop-in specifications are sample specifications for ELL survey on covered and/or exposed geomembranes. They should be used as a guide and not verbatim. TRI Environmental will review your specific application and recommend changes to the specification as needed.

For more specific information related to your project, contact Abigail Gilson, TRI Environmental Director of Liner Integrity Services, at, 512-623-0511.