Recycled Plastics: Team

Technical Sales

Mario Paredes

Mario Paredes, B.S., P.E., Senior Research Engineer | +1 512 263 2101 Ext 256

Mario Paredes holds a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida and half the curriculum for a Master’s degree he never finished. He worked for the Florida Department of Transportation for 20 years in the area of concrete and corrosion with an intro to pipe for his last 5 years. When he left FDOT he was the State Corrosion Engineer in charge of estimating the service life of all structural materials. In his multiple roles at FDOT, Mario was responsible for presenting in national forums research finding of work conducted at FDOT. Mario has been a professor, a service engineer for Polaroid, and now Division Manager for Pipe at TRI since 2014. He has been chair of NCHRP idea projects, chair of one AASHTO TIG project, and member of NCHRP committees. His most proud accomplishment was leading the effort to use concrete surface resistivity to characterize concrete permeability for which an AASHTO test method was created.