Electrical Leak Location Services: Team

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Abigail Gilson, Director of Liner Integrity Services

abeck@TRI-ENV.com | +1 512 623 0511

Abigail Gilson, M.S., P.E., is the Director of TRI Environmental’s Electrical Leak Location Services. She has a wealth of experience in geomembrane-lined containment facility design and construction and has performed liner integrity surveys since 2004. As a graduate of TRI’s inaugural liner integrity class in 2003, her electrical leak location field experience has exceeded one hundred projects and 110 million square feet. She has written and presented papers to industry conferences and taught short courses worldwide regarding the technical aspects of liner integrity and leak location surveys.

Ms. Gilson’s expertise is available for providing equipment, field training, classroom education, instructional presentations, engineering consulting, and liner integrity survey execution. She has trained staff in all of TRI’s office locations to provide local assistance on survey projects.

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