Liner Integrity Services: Team

Technical Sales


Abigail Gilson, Director of Liner Integrity Services | +1 512 263 5944

Abigail Gilson, M.S., P.E., is the Director of TRI Environmental’s Liner Integrity Services. She has a wealth of experience in geomembrane-lined containment facility design and construction and has performed liner integrity surveys since 2004. As a graduate of TRI’s inaugural liner integrity survey class in 2003, her liner integrity and leak location field experience has exceeded 180 million square feet and well over 100 projects. Her contribution to the field of electrical leak location includes numerous published technical papers, educational seminars, presentations world-wide, and chairing the ASTM committee for the recent revisions and additions to the ASTM Standard Guide and Practices.


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Nadia Minnaar, Geomembrane Specialist | +27 79 875 5691​

Nadia Minnaar, TRI Africa began in 2018 through TRI Africa’s Managing Director Nadia Minnaar. Ms. Minnaar started training with Ms. Gilson in 2014. Ms. Minnaar’s survey experience encompassed over 700 000 m² of covered geomembrane surveys in Africa and North America. Ms. Minnaar’s ELL experience is currently unrivaled on the African continent