Test Equipment: Team


Jarrett Nelson

Jarrett A Nelson, Geosynthetic Special Projects Manager

jnelson@TRI-ENV.com | +1 512 263 2101 Ext 188

Jarrett Nelson serves as a Technical Director for TRI Environmental. Mr. Nelson manages many testing programs including: Conventional Creep/Stress Rupture, Stepped Isothermal (SIM), Installation Damage, Asphalt and Base Reinforcement and Chemical Durability. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin and more than 20 years of experience with geosynthetics materials, their unique qualities, and the laboratory and quality procedures necessary to assure their appropriate testing and evaluation. He is a member of ASTM and is involved in the development and implementation of new test procedures.

Technical Sales
Richard Lacey

Richard S. Lacey, P.E., Senior Engineer

rlacey@TRI-ENV.com | +1 512 263 2101 Ext 133

Rich Lacey is a Senior Engineer for TRI Environmental providing the technical leadership for the equipment calibration program as well as equipment fabrication and sales. Mr. Lacey has over 28 years of geosynthetic testing related experience including heavy involvement in ASTM Committee D35 on Geosynthetics. He is currently the task group leader for the Transmissivity, Radial Transmissivity, Pore Size Distribution, CBR Puncture, Geocomposite Peel and Textured Geomembrane Asperity Height task groups. His theory of the Characteristic Flow Equation describing the head loss versus flow rate response of any laboratory permeability-type test has already been incorporated in ASTM D 4491 Permittivity and will soon revolutionize transmissivity testing as we now know it.