Geosynthetic Testing Services Announce Short Course on GRSS

A Short Course On
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Structures (GRSS)
5 – 6 December 2019

Mr. Ravi Kant , Director of Geosynthetics Testing Services for GTSPL, is joining the esteemed list of teachers at the forthcoming Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Structures (GRSS) short course in Ahmedabad. Mr. Kant will speak directly to the standard and nonstandard aspects of wide-width tensile testing of geosynthetic reinforcement materials.

The GRSS short course will focus on design, construction, and quality assurance for geosynthetic-reinforced soil systems, such as retaining walls and steepened slopes. A brief background of the application of each of these technologies will be presented: advantages, economic considerations, and limitations of each type of system as compared to other conventional practices.

Details concerning the design, selection of reinforcing materials, specification, and construction of each type of system will be covered. Current design codes/standards and software will be referenced and summarized. Special issues that have on occasion resulted in undesirable performance will be reviewed. An overview of several recent innovations such as the combination of reinforcement with lightweight fill and newly developed alternative design procedures will also be presented. Each attendee will be given course notes, which include step-by-step design procedures and example design problems.


  • 9000 INR tuition charge
  • 8500 INR each for 2+ registrants



  • GOLD: Present a 30-minute GRSS case history to the course participants with design explanation, material descriptions and resulting finished project. (6 spots ONLY – 15 PowerPoint slides maximum). GOLD sponsorship includes a dedicated table to display marketing materials and a one-page flyer in the course notebook. Also includes two full course registrations. 65,000 INR (six spots available)
  • SILVER: Display marketing materials on a dedicated display table. SILVER sponsorship includes a one-page flyer in course notebook and one full course registration. 25,000 INR (eight spots available)


  • GRSS Structure and Types
  • Importance of Soil Properties and Impact on GRSS Design
  • Geosynthetic Reinforcement Products and their Properties
  • GRSS Design Codes: An Overview
  • Limit Equilibrium Design
  • Drainage Design for GRSS
  • Geosynthetic Drains and their Properties
  • Construction Quality Assurance for GRSS
  • Case Histories – GRSS Experience in India

Includes Tour of Geosynthetic Testing Services laboratory


  • Understand the key elements regarding design of reinforced soil structures.
  • Provide a working knowledge suitable for preliminary design of reinforced soil structures.
  • Identify those resources and guidelines publicly available to assist in design of retaining walls, steepened slopes and roadways.
  • Discover vendors for wall and reinforcement systems and products.

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